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The Almighty has given a "free will" to all Humans. HE has sent guidance & laws through Prophet (s). We are required to recognise them and be obedient to them out of free choice.

In this way we fulfill the purpose of life, elevate our soul & obtain salvation /Eternal Rewards.

Detailed Laws (Topic wise index) /Shariah or Fiqh regulate all aspects of Life in Islam, what we eat, Marriage ,Transact & in Death & the Acts of worship i.e.Daily Prayers, Fasting, Khums etc.including conditions for Enjoining Good(Amr bil Maroof)
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The Islamic Laws are derived from Quran & Traditions (Hadith), by Scholars (Ulamaa)  under an advance Hawza study system for Jurisprudence.

Following (Taqlid) a Most learned Contemporary Expert for Fiqh /Laws as derived by him is hence logical & obligatory.

The scholars, with exemplary lives, have been responsible to transmit pristine Islam as taught by Ahlulbayt(as) for 1400 years.

Madressa/Islamic courses content & the Question & Answer sites help to learn

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'Nahjulbalagha' advises obedience   |   Obedience in 'Sahifa Sajjadia' | Ahadaith on 'Laws'  | A Small Prayer to be obedient  
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