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God has given a "free will" to all Humans. HE has sent guidance & laws through Prophet (s). We are required to recognise them and be obedient to them, out of free choice. We can then fulfill the purpose of life, worship, and elevate our soul, to obtain salvation and eternal Rewards.
Fiqh/Laws/Shariah/ regulate ALL aspects of Life in Islam- Topic Index
Law n Fiqh books
like Eating, Marriage , Transacting & in Death
It details the methods of Daily Prayers, Fasting , Khums , Conditions for Enjoining Good(Amr bil Maroof) etc.

The Islamic Laws are derived from Quran & Traditions (Hadith)of Infalliable Ahlulbayt(as),

BY Scholars (Ulamaa) leading exemplary lives, using Principles n Process under an intense Hawza study system for Jurisprudence.
Consequently Following (Taqlid) a Most learned Contemporary Expertfor Fiqh Laws is logical & obligatory

The Source and Chain of Pristine Islam and its laws today is - The Infalliable Ahlulbayt(as) ->their Companions and subsequently ->Scholars (Ulamaa) , who have compiled /transmitted Hadith and pristine Islam for over 1400 years.

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