One of the Tools of the Colonialists

The world colonialists have always dreaded awareness on the part of the general masses - especially the youths – and hence, a part of their extensive programme for the continuation of colonialism focuses on submerging societies into unawareness and ignorance, and increasing unhealthy forms of amusement and entertainment....Today, it is not just the commercial aspect which motivates the narcotics trade but rather, it is an important political tool in the politics of the colonialists. Establishment of prostitution centers, gambling clubs and other unhealthy forms of amusements are some of the other tools – one of the most important amongst these being the expansion of the song and musical domain; a tool, which they insist on utilizing for anaesthetizing people’s thoughts and ideas. And it is for this reason that music occupies a major portion of the time of global radio services and is one of the principal items associated with the programmes of mass media. Tafseer-e-Namunah, vol. 17, pg. 22

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