Faith & Reason  50 Questions book    by Ayatullah Mahdi Hadavi Tehrani

Answers to a series of questions often asked by young Muslims growing up in Western societies. The questions are on diverse topics ranging from Divine will, marriage, the role of women and the 12th Imam.

 Table of Contents

  1. Divine Will and Human Will 
  2. Free choice and the Divine seal and lock upon the hearts of the perverse 
  3. The possibility of knowledge of AllÁh 
  4. Misguidance from AllÁh  
  5. Being AllÁh's servant   
  6. Nearness to AllÁh  
  7. Friends of AllÁh not having fear 
  8. AllÁh – fear or love?  
  9. Asking one's needs from other than AllÁh  
  10. The Light of the Heavens and the Earth  
  11. Divine Tests 
  12. AllÁh's Will in human guidance 
  13. Non-Muslims and Hell 
  14. Self-confidence and Trust in AllÁh 
  15. Attaining Perfection   
  16. The Angels and free-will 
  17. Satan's influence  
  18. The power of Satan and Jinn  
  19. Resurrection   
  20. Heaven and Hell   
  21. The infallibility of the Prophets in the QurÁn   
  22. The Original Sin of Àdam and Eve    
  23. The purpose of religion    
  24. The purpose of creation   
  25. The signs for the re-emergence of ImÁm Al-MahdР   
  26. Issues such as marriage, place of residence, etc… concerning the life ofthe Twelfth ImÁm  
  27. The qualities of human society after the reappearance of ImÁm Al-MahdÐ - the state of justice, oppression, poverty and sin  
  28. The role of women in the government of ImÁm Al-MahdР 
  29. The Reason for ImÁm al-ZamÁn's prolongued age    
  30. Possibility of a decline in ImÁm Al-MahdÐ's government    
  31. The difference between the blood money of a woman and that of aman in IslÁmic Jurisprudence   
  32. The difference between the inheritance of men and women in IslÁmic Jurisprudence 
  33. The role a person plays in obtaining his sustenance   
  34. Treatment of illness and supplication
  35. The canonization of the QurÁn
  36. The names of the ImÁms in the QurÁn  
  37. ImÁmate at childhood  
  38. Those conditions the fulfilment of which guarantees the acceptance ofa prayer   
  39. Sins and its repercussions  
  40. Magnanimity 
  41. Pure Wine in the Noble QurÁn 
  42. The prerequisites for understanding the QurÁn   
  43. A question regarding verse  of Suratul Kahf
  44. The existence of the spirit within animals and its difference from that of the human being 
  45. The number of the Ahlul Bayt  
  46. Religion and Politics  
  47. Governance of a Jurist and Jurisprudence  
  48. Legal imitation of a Jurist (Mujtahid) 
  49. The Íukm and the FatwÁ  
  50. Religious Pluralism and different interpretations of religion