‘Law ‘& ‘Obedience’ & ‘forbidden’  appearing in Sahifa Sajjadia

The Sahifa Sajjadia Book

The Sahifa Sajjadia is our best known Dua Book
In many duas repeatedly our Imam has prayed for obedience to the laws of Islam & highlights the need to know & adhere to the HIS rules of forbidden & permitted etc
Given below is a sample of some extracts showing the importance of following the Islamic laws

Dua no 1 Then He Commanded us to do certain things so that He may thereby test our obedience and forbade us to do certain things so that He may test our gratitude……. He has not commanded anything except what is easy. Thus He has not left anyone of us with any pretext or excuse for disobedience

Dua 7 Make us the strictest observers of Your laws and things careful in abstaining from those things which You have prohibited.

Dua no 8 Do not let anxiety keep me from the performance of my duties to You and the observance of Your laws.


Dua no 12 O You, obedience to Whom is salvation to those who obey, bless Muhammad


Dua no 17 And this is not because I possess any grace in Your sight, but because of Your gracious delay and Your loving kindness to me in order that I may keep away from Your wrath incurred by disobedience ., ….when I spend the sustenance which You have allotted me in those sins which You have forbidden me to commit?


Dua no 22 ..Empty my mind (of everything) but Your Love. Engage it in remembering You. Exalt it with fear of You and dread of You. Strengthen it with longing for You. Incline it to Your obedience


Dua no 23 Check me from doing things forbidden. Do not let me be encouraged in disobedience.

….. Till I be in respect to whatever happens unto me thereby in an even state of mind – working in obedience to You.


Dua no 24 And (favor me) with avoidance of what You have forbidden me to do. My God!


Dua no 26 Of those who have grace for goodness, virtue and righteousness owing to their obedience to You


Dua 28 O Lord, and whatever warrior of the faith fights with them or soldier from among the followers of Your Laws


Dua 32: that I will not go back to what You disapprove; and my covenant that I will give up all acts of disobedience unto You.


Dua 40 Break away my desire from everything forbidden.


Dua 46 O Lord, whosoever observed this month[1] as it ought to be observed, preserved its honor as it deserved to be preserved, obeyed its laws)


Dua 48 Day of Arafa;Through him establish Thy Book, Thy bounds, Thy laws,and the norms of Thy Messenger's Sunna…..

Give me a preservation which will bring me close to dread of Thee,cut me off from committing things made unlawful by Thee,

You forbid him from disobeying You and he disobeyed Your Command and did what was forbidden by You ….Therefore, make me live a pure life that would include in itself what I desire and would achieve what I love, in such a manner that I may not commit what You have forbidden.