Maraje Vakils Information


Objective:- Easy identification / availability of contact of authorized persons, by Maraje; for paying khums & fulfilling religious obligations, in the language of the country (or at least English to begin with.)

This looks like a v good, not so difficult project. What will be required is a certification by each of marjas that the list / scanned document, we have is authentic & valid.

Translations will also be required which should be standard & not too difficult as well.


Synopsis:- There are many more kinds of VAKIL (representative) of a Marja. As you are aware, being a vakil is not so big as people imagine it.

Vakil for what purpose makes a difference. A person can be a vakil to collect khums and deliver 100% to other vakils or Marjaa or he may be authorized to collect but spend a fixed percentage or collect and spend a fixed percentage for a fixed cause in a fixed manner or collect and spend 100% for a fixed cause in a fixed manner and many more conditions may change in being a vakil. There are very rare people who may have permission to collect and spend 100% in the cause the vakil himself feels appropriate and in a manner he himself feels appropriate.

Vakil for religious edicts: This has some complications in it (not possible to explain everything here and probably not understandable by everyone easily). To make it simple it is better to understand first that these edicts may be basically classified into 2:

  1. General fatwas as is present in the rule books (Tauzih, Minhaaj, Urwah, etc.)

  2. Specific decrees based on circumstances.

  1. It is not perfectly right to say vakil for class 1. Marja cannot and do not authorize vakil to issue his general fatwas. Marjaa may identify a person to hold the moral responsibility of relating his fatwa further. But this is not a privilege of the person so identified but it is moral responsibility of that particular person to relate fatwas. From our side if we have faith in this person we will accept his words as quoted from the marjaa and if we do not have faith then we cannot accept his words. As far as our acceptance is concerned it does not make a difference between him and any other momin. Here the basic criterion is our faith level in the person irrespective of the person being or not being notified to carry out a particular responsibility.

  2. There are many things that only a mujtahid (mostly not limited to marjaa) can perform. Like qazaawat (judgments), being wali for certain classes, talaq and khula in very special situations, etc. For situations related edicts (decrees) a Marjaa may authorize a person to carry out duties partially or wholly as per mujtahids directions. This is not merely a responsibility but it is a privilege of the vakil. If this privilege is exercised then it becomes wajib on the people involved. This kind of representation is rare at present.

What do we do? Whenever we find ourselves in a relevant situation we can always ask for the letter copy duly stamped by the respective marjaa/mujtahid. The letter will contain all the privileges the vakil enjoys. Whatever is not contained therein is, in simple terms, not valid for us except otherwise proven through some other source.

For public at large, we can develop a website and appeal to all the vakils internationally to provide the authority letter received by them. We can scan, translate and keep them on the website. Whoever wants to know the detailed status of a particular (claimed) vakil he may refer the website instead of asking the vakil himself and hence avoid any embarrassment. If the particular vakils authority letter is not present on the website then he may ask directly to the (claimed) vakil and even request the vakil to provide the letter copy on the website. I assure you that gradually I will arrange to rope in almost 90% of the vakils internationally to provide the letter on our web site.

We may get the letter copy of some of the vakils from Ayt. Sistaanis office. But getting all letter copies will be impossible. The office does not always keep a second copy for its own record. In certain cases even verbal authorizations are granted. But when we request the vakils to provide the authority letters they will gradually get all their verbal authorities converted to written ones. Though it should be noted that generally written authorizations are provided to a vakil if the authorization is for general people and not limited to a specific class of people. Trying to get most of them being confirmed by the maraaje / mujtahideens offices. We will gradually try other languages whenever possible, InshaAllah.

m: Saf

Sent: Saturday, October 25, 2008 7:03 PM
Subject: Re: FW: Islamic Call Centre based in Qom Najaf

Salaam Alaykum
When I was in Dearborn MI working in the liaison office of S.Sistani (MAP) we had 1888 SIS TANI, I was responsible of answering the calls for in three languages, and answering the e-questions of Aga Sistani (MAP) and some other MARAJE as well, but the main issue was time management. I had beside these two responsibilities the responsibilities of HOWZA in English, and helping in the youth problems .

I would love to help in this project, it is my favorite, I am still helping many youth from Australia to USA, but there is a serious lack of management.
 If some one can do the management, then I do not have any problem dedicating my time and life for this mission.

The answer should be supported from the books of law, and if further explanation is required I Can call NAJAF and get it, that phone call also must be recorded as a proof of evidence. To avoid the problem of different answers being issued in one matter from many who follow the same MARJE.

InshAllah if Allah swt wills you can make a plan and find an active youth who can manage then it might make things easier, in fact one of my youth was suggesting this to me, and now you have the same vision.

To avoid the overwhelming Dearborn experience which happened with me, I have few Howza students who can help us in this projects, one good sincere howza student trained helper can do the phone calls and I can help him in areas of difficulty and consultation matters.

So one main person and a helper dedicated full time for this project can make the difference. I can easily get the IJAZA of KHUMS from Aga, and if we include other Maraje then I can get the IJAZA from them as well. But to start the project and to avoid being overwhelmed direction and the focus of the work should be defined.

If the 12th Imam (AJ) helps then this project can be easily done.

Salaam Alaykum,
Safdar Razi Ali
The Director and The Instructor of
Advanced Islamic Studies in Islamic Law and Theology


Many people want to know about Islam & SPEAK to someone to understand /ask .Website reading /email is insufficient

Authentic information is not available easily on phone

Islamic call centres have been established in some parts of the world successfully eg AbuDhabi & some european countries  

Technology today provides the ability to divert calls to Najaf / Qom from anywhere in the world , similar to call centres in India operated by banks for example

We can have specific 800 series numbers allotted in each country where it is permitted to advertise

We then print leaflets /publicise that " Know more about Islam Consult Alim Call xxxxxx  "  ALL Islamic questions can be answered by calling  w/o disclosing who is answering from where

There can be a website to email & possibly google talk /messenger etc as well  

We need a few people 24 hrs in Najaf /Qom to answer the calls in 3 languages to begin


Who/Which organization  can be identified to provide this service reliably

We are willing in Oman  to take a toll free number , do publicity & pay for call chgs etc .There will be many in many countries to do the same

Please advise how this idea can be processed further