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Urdu Video clips  Source TAQB list of Advices & experiences of Ulama
  1. A True Story Of Ayatollah Khoie And Why Wearing Black Clothes So Significant During Ayam-e-Aza.
    Ayt khoie was asked why he wore black for 40 days of Mourning for Imam Hussain(as) . He replied that his birth was as a a result of a vow by his parents to do so. His student narrated a dream related to this to his father before he was born too.

  2. .Success Of Ayatollah Haeri - He Is The Founder Of The Hawza Of Qom. Courtesy Ahlulbyat Tv.

  3. .Ayatollah Isphanais faith in Imam Mahdi & how yemeni became shia in Najaf wadiussalaam

  4. Grand Shia Ayatollahs Revere The Recitation Of Ziyarat Ashura. Role Of This Ziyarat In Their Lives.

  5. Ziyarat Ashura: When Ayatollah Bahjat saw his teacher in his dream. This was the teachers message...

  6. Ayatollah Behjat & Ayatollah Marashi on the tears shed for Imam Hussain (as)

  7. Ayatollah Bahjat(ra) On The Blessing In The Name Of Ali(as). Incident Of Mirza Hussain Nuri(ra).

  8. A person who goes for Ziyarat of Imam Raza(as) is helped in the grave. True story Ayatollah Marashi.

  9. (English Subtitles) Ayatollah Hur-e-Amoli. Narrates A True Story Of His Friend And Ziyarat Ashura.

  10. Miracles happen even today. What did Kazim Karbalai do? Ayatollah Nasir Makarim is alive and witness

  11. English Subtitles) True story of Ayatollah Mohsin whose father taunted and how Imam Mahdi ajtfs as helped

  12. Ziyarat-e-Ashura: It's significance & the message Aga Qadhi gave to Ayatollah Behjat in his dream

  13. True story: What was that one good thing which helped Ayatollah Yazdi so much in the grave.

  14. When you have the opportunity never wait. A true story of Ayatollah Marashi(ra) and the butcher

  15. A true story of Ayatollah Tabrezi. 250 people saw the exact same dream. Significance of Knowledge.

  16. English Subtitles) Imam Mahdi(as), Imam Raza(as), Ayatollah Bahjat(ra). Story of a businessman.

  17. According to Ayatollah Bahjat when Aga Ali Fashandi met Imam Mahdi(as), the Imam(as) had grievances

  18. (English Subtitles) Ayatollah Hassanzadeh got this gift from Imam Raza(as). Aga is alive and in Qom.

  19. Grave is our destiny - This true story is narrated by Ayatollah Marashi(ra) himself - This can help!  

  20. Hazrat Masooma Qum - The status of the great and pious lady. Ayatollah Marashi witnessed a miracle.

  21. Ayatollah Moqaddas Ardebeli - One of the greatest Shia Mujtahid. This is what happened.

  22. atollah Haeri witnessed this miracle. Recite Ziyarat Ashura & gift it to his mother Bibi Narjis.

  23. Grand Ayatollah Barujardi(ra) Shares His Own Dream On The Great Status Of Those Who Help Others.

  24. Imam Raza(as) gave a gift of cure (shifa) to Ayatollah Raza Gulpaygani. Verified by Ayatollah Waheed

  25. Ayatollah Shaikh Murtaza Ansari - What his mother saw in her dream. How he became a big Mujtahid.

  26. When Ayatollah Seestani sought Tawassul of Imam Mahdi(as) this is what happened. Amazing belief.

  27. Ayatollah Raza Gulpaygani(ra) had shifa in his right hand. How he got this gift from Imam Raza(as).

  28. Muharram: A true story of Ayatollah Burujardi. Never take things associated with Imam(as) lightly.

  29. Ayatollah Mohsin ul Hakim & mourning of Imam Hussain(as). Tears of blood. Unbelievable but true.

  30. The great Ayatollah Tabatabai witnessed this incident himself. Itís about a lady without Wilayat.

  31. English Subtitles) A personal experience of Ayatollah Barujardi and barkat of Imam Hussain(as.

  32. Ayatollah Ali Aga Qadhi, the story of a robber and the power of Salatul Layl (Namaz Shab)

  33. Ayatollah Ibrahim Amini the author of the book ĎAl-Gadeerí and his take on Ziyarat of Imam Hussain.

  34. True story of Ayatollah Ispahaniís faith in Imam Mahdi(as) & how a Yemeni scholar became Shia

  35. Ayatollah Gulpaygani started to cry when he was reciting the Namaz Janaza of Ayatollah Khomeini Why?

  36. This is what Imam Mehdi(as) told Ayatollah Seestani's father. Abt 3 min

  37. Ayatullah Khoie lost his eyesight and recovered it

  38. Ayt Khoie a result of black clothes in Muharram