Ikhlass stories of Ulama

Source Book For God Only By Mehdi Khudamiyan

I am your teacher and his disciple

I am a famous teacher and I have many students who respect me.
I come to class every morning at 10 am to teach the students.
I left home this morning at 8 o'clock to meet a friend.
When I left my friend's house, it was 9:30 am. I thought it would be better to go straight to the mosque where I used to teach and wait for the students.
So I rushed to the mosque and sat in a corner.
Meanwhile, in a corner. I saw a man surrounded by five people and he was teaching them.
I realized at that moment that he was a great teacher. When I looked at him, I saw that he was wearing very simple clothes. And no more than 5 people were close to him.
My students started coming. I thought I should start teaching. And I should get up and go to the pulpit to start teaching.
But I was wondering about who were teaching in the corner of the mosque?
Next day I hurried to the mosque and sat nearer to him so that I could hear his voice better.
Yes! Guess right, he's a great scholar, he was teaching very well, he doesn't know me, but he really is a great teacher.
Now I am standing in between two pathways as I have come to know the position of knowledge of this Sheikh. Believe me, my heart wants me to become his disciple and learn from him.
On the other hand, I am a teacher of thousands of pupils. Is it right to destroy my position and fame?
The devil was telling me to try as much as possible not to recognized this Sheikh here. If your students know their place of knowledge, then everyone will go to them, and no one will respect you.
But I have not been deceived by the devil and I have intended.
Do you know what I intend to do? Do you know what I want to do?
I have made a promise to myself that teaching and teaching is for the sake of God, when a person can teach better than me, why should I be an obstacle? Why should I worry about my position?
I have to wait a little while for all the students to come. The whole mosque is full and I sit on the pulpit like every day.
The students have opened their pens and books. Everyone is ready for me to start teaching.
This is a very important moment. I am at a crossroads in this moment of my life.
O God, help me to overcome my ego and inside evil! Help me to overcome this lust for this position.
I turned to everyone and said: My disciples! Today I want to say something important to you. Pay attention! All the students were staring at me. I said to them:
Just look there, the old sheikh sit in corner of the mosque.
All eyes were on him. I continued my talk. He is your real teacher. I myself would like to be his disciple. We should all go to him so that to attain his discipleship.
I got up from the pulpit and went to them with all the disciples.
At my insistence, he appeared on the pulpit and started teaching. Everyone became convinced that the teacher they were looking for are the Sheikh.
Oh yes, do you know who this anonymous Sheikh is?
Would you like to know?
This is Sheikh Ansari who had recently visited Najaf. No one knew him.But through this process, teacher gradually became famous and after that he emerged as the leader of the Shia world.
Whenever I remember this incident, I am proud and thankful that Allah helped me on this occasion that I was able to overcome the evil.
I know you want me to introduce myself.
I am Syed Hussain Kohkamrahi
What a large group prays behind me.

I live in Mashhad. I found out that Hajj Sheikh Abbas Qummi, the author of Mufatih Al-Jannan, has come to Mashhad.
Considering that there are one or two days left until the beginning of the month of Ramadan, I went with a group of friends and requested him to be a prayer leader
during holy month at Gohar Shad Mosque which is located in the courtyard of Imam Reza.
At our insistence, he accepted the offer. A few days passed and the month of Ramadan began. Congregational prayers were held under his leadership.
The number of people in congregational prayers were increasing day by day, people were spreading the news of his Imamate to each other. Therefore, the congregation was increasing day by day.
I myself was very happy that people were gaining the virtue of congregational prayers.
Until the tenth of Ramadan arrived. Hajj Sheikh Abbas Qumi came half an hour before the call to prayer. He sat in the mihrab and engaged in recitation of the Qur'an.
Adhan was given and Zuhr prayers were offered. After Zuhr prayers, he called me.
When I approached, he said: I cannot continue to be prayer leader from Asr prayers today.
Then he got up from his seat and left for home. I went to his house after prayers. He looked at me and said: I will not come to offer congregational prayers anymore.
I was very shocked and asked him the reason. He said: Actually today when I was in the fourth rak'ah (of Zuhr) I heard a request call to wait ( Ya Allah ) as the voice was coming from far away . I realized that a very large number of people were praying behind me. Suddenly I was feeling happy to see how many people were praying behind me.
A person who is happy to lead a large congregation is not qualified to lead the congregational prayers.
I had no answer to that. In fact, he was a great example of piety and sincerity.
Yes! The moment he realized that his congregational prayers were not for God, he did not continue the work. And he also knew that only sincerity is the reason for the acceptance of deeds, and without sincerity in any your work nothing will acceptable by God.


You know how difficult it is to write a book, you often have to wake up from night to morning and then go on to make sentences and write a book to be useful to the people.
I wrote the book Manazil-e-Akhirat with great effort. I wrote the details of the journey to the grave in this book and I wanted people to be familiar with their journey to the Hereafter.
Thank God my book was printed and reached the hands of the people.
My father, who loved me very much, used to go to Bibi Masooma's Haram for congregational prayers during the day and after the prayers he would sit in the Haram Majlis and use to listen the speaker's speech.
One day my father come to see me
I got up from my seat in my room to open the door of the house.
I was very happy, what to hide from you that when my father came to my house it meant that he would have something important to do with me.
I hurriedly collected the book that was lying in my room and got some tea and sat on my knees in front of my father. I was waiting for my father to start talking. But let me tell you that my father could not read or write.
My father looked at me and said Abbas! Today at Haram Bibi Masooma a speaker was reciting Majlis on the pulpit. He had a book in his hand and was praising this book very much. You were not there. What a wonderful hadith was written in this book. I wish my son! You also used to sit on the pulpit and recite hadith to the people. How long will you be in isolation in this house?
I bowed my head. I thought a few times to say that Father! The book that was being read to the people from the pulpit is written by me . But I saw that it would be hypocritical. I have written this book for the sake of God and not for the sake of pride in front of my father.
I turned to my father and said:
Dear Father! This work can be done with the help of God. Pray that God will help me to do this work better.
My father prayed for me, and this was the prayer that led me to God to give me the ability to write a book like Mufatih al-Jannan, which is the adornment of every home today. I am Sheikh Abbas Qumi writer of Mufateeh Al Jinnan.


Oh my God How can I get rid of this ambition?

You know Mirza Shirazi. He is the one who gave the fatwa that Tobacco is forbidden. He was my teacher. Whatever all I am is because of his teachings. I have learned a lot from him for a long time What a blessing.
My teacher had been suffering from a serious illness for some time. It was realizing that the last days of his life were approaching.
Everyone was worried, I was praying for their recovery like other students.
One day I was informed that the teacher had passed away.
The city of Najaf was covered in black. Everyone mourned for a man who was a source of pride for the Islamic world.
The night I returned home, I felt happy in my heart.
But why ? My teacher Mirza Shirazi has passed away and I am happy.
I thought a lot about what happened, where was my fault. I thought for hours, finally understood where my fault was.
Yes, Mirza Shirazi the Leader of Islam has passed away and on the other hand people know me as his best and most capable disciple. And soon these people will come to me and choose me as their leader.
And I am happy to be their leader and authority.
This is a danger. I studied for a long time and worked hard to please God. I studied for the sake of God and became a mujtahid.
But I see that the love of position has been born in my heart. I am happy to be introduced as the Leader of Islam tomorrow. This is a warning in itself.
I must think! What can I do?
Will I be able to cope with this situation?
Got it, I should take refuge in the shrine of Hazrat Ali
Where are you going in the middle of the night
I am going to the shrine of Hazrat Ali to ask him for help. Will you go with me?
I enter the Haram and go straight to the shrine and engage in mourning Help me! my Master I have sought refuge in You. I am afraid. It is as if I am beginning to like this position
I stay in the Haram till morning and finally take care of my needs.
When morning came and people came to me to choose me as their leader, I told them that I was not qualified for this position. Find someone else who is better than me.
Yes, I easily passed from this stage and succeeded in the divine test.
Would like to know my name, I am Syed Mohammad Fisharki.