List of Questions answered by ' Saaed Syed Akhtar Rizvi  'in 7 Volumes

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1. What is Islam?
2. Why are you a Muslim?
3. Best Religion
4. Who started Islam?
5. Basis of Faith
6. Where to register as a Muslim?
7. Most God-fearing person
8. Who is the richest of people?
9. Who is the Faithful?
10.Relationship between Faith and good deeds
11. Number of Muslims in the world
12.How to prove truth of Islam
13.Where did God come from?
14.Do we believe in "Evolution?"
15.Does an ayat of Qur'an prove Evolution?
16.When was Adam (a.s.) created?
17.Was Allah the God Muhammad (s.a.w.) preached?
18.Why does God exist?
19.Why have we been created?
20.Distance of moon from the earth
21. Is God Nature?
22.Did llyas (a.s.) go to Heavens?
23. Is Isa (a.s.) alive?
24.Who was Muhammad (s.a.w.)?
25.Where was our Prophet born?
26.Age of our Prophet when he started preaching
27.Why our Prophet waited 40 years before preaching?
28.Meaning of "S.W.A."
29.Other names of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.)
30.Number and names of the wives of our Prophet (s.a.w.)
31.Where did our Prophet (s.a.w.) die?
32.Age of our Prophet (s.a.w.)
33.Who buried our prophet(s.a.w)
34.Did Muhammad (s.a.w) arise from the dead?
35.Who wrote the Quran and when?
36. Language into which the Qur’an has been translated
37. Is it a sin reading Bible?
38.Significance of Sura ‘Yasin’
39.Who succeeded Muhammad (s.a.w)?
40. Is Ali (a.s) greater than the Prophet(s.a.w) or as great as God?
41.Can Imam change the Furu-e-deen?
42.Was Imam Hasan(a.s) without descendants?
43.How can we feel pain after death?
44.What if a man keeps fast but does not pray?
45.We have Quran,but why not our Imam in person?
46.Can we have direct contact with our Imam?
47.Why, when and where Imam became 'Gha'ib?
48.Differences between Islam and Christianity?
49.Relation of Islam with Christianity?
50.Message of Islam to non-Muslims
51.Differences between Islam and Ahmadiyyas
52.How should the Muslims regard the Ahmadiyyas?
53.A letter sent to Mr. Jamilur Rahman Rafiq (Chief Missionary of Ahmadiyya Mission in
54.Was Sufism borrowed from non-Islamic religions?
55.Can a Sunni pray with Ismailias or Bohoras?
56. Is Ismailism a complete way of life?
57.Difference between Shia and Sunni sects
58.Meaning of 'Shia' and Ithna-asheriyya'
59.Rules concerning Personal Hygiene
60.Reciting Qur'an or Dua during monthly period
61.White secretion
62.Sweat after night ejaculation
63.Why do we pray five times a day?
64.Sincere intention but no concentration
65.Repaying fasts and prayers
66.Combining prayers of a week in one day
67.When is exact midnight?
68.Ghusl of Mass-e-Mayyit
69.Can Friday and Eid prayers be prayed individually?
70.Qualifications of a 'Peshnamaz'
71.Prayer in mosque of the Sunnis
72. Friday and Eid prayers led by a Sunni Imam
73.Daily prayer behind a Sunni Imam
74. Is keeping ‘Mohr’ in prayer necessary?
75.Explanation of Rika’at etc.
76. Translation of ‘Tahaiyat’ in English
77.How and when to pray ‘Ihtiyat prayer’?
78.Rules and method of Swalatul Meyyit
79.Differences between prayers of various sects
80.Praying Dhohr after Juma prayer
81. Taraweeh
82.Are non-Muslims allowed to enter mosque?
83.Why Muslim women are not allowed to enter mosque?
84.Ramadhan' or 'Ramazan'?
85.Why fast introduced, when and by whom?
86.When should we fast?
87.How to fast and pray in Arctic Zone?
88. The 'damage' Muslim students suffer because of Muharram and Ramadhan!
89. Fasting by a pregnant woman
90.Sexual intercourse during daytime in the month of Ramadhan
91.Why no Zakat on currency notes?
92.Khums : Meaning of 'Ghanimat'
93. Zakat and Fitra on a man earning Ł15
94.Must every Muslim go to Mecca?
95.Minimum age for performing Hajj
96. The most-liked house of Allah
97.What is Jihad-e-Akber?
98.Does the martyr go straight to Paradise?
99.What is the purpose of marriage?
100.Why polygamy, but not polyandry?
101.How many wives are allowed at a time?
102.Can a wife divorce the husband if he marries another woman?
103.Marriage of a Muslim woman with a non-Muslim
104.Is civil marriage unlawful in our religion?
105.Does Islam approve family-planning?
106.Quarreling parents
107.Is homosexuality Haram (unlawful)?
108.Is masturbation allowed?
109.Ayat of Qur'an about adultery
110.Reading a novel on sexual treatise?
111.Working in a shop dealing in liquor
112.Please, ask the Mujtahid to allow us to sell liquor
113.Opening a super-market which will have wines, spirits etc.
114.Meat of a goat slaughtered by a Jew
115.Food prepared by other Muslim sects
116.Food prepared by the Christians
117.Meat slaughtered by a non-Muslim
118.Why don't you touch a dog?
119.Can a Muslim eat a hen?
120.Indoor games (without money)?
121.Why beard is wajib? Why only upto a certain limit?
122.Why do you, Mr. Rizvi, wear spectacles when you have never shaved in your life?
123.What does 786/110 mean?
124.Can a Muslim be affected by witch-craft?
125.Is smoking bad?
126.Smoking in lavatory of a mosque
127.Why liquor is forbidden, but not smoking?
128.Belief in astrology and palmistry
129.Written proof that animals were created to be eaten?
130.Muslim calendar
131.Muslims and slavery

Vol 2 pdf download

Letters and Questions
1. Letter of Dhikiri
2. Rizvi to Dhikiri
3. Rizvi to Dhikiri
Meaning of Shia;
Divisions of Shias;
Shia sects present in East Africa;
Differences between Shia Sects;
Meaning of Ithna-asheriya';
Who can become an Ithna-asheriya ?;
Beliefs of ithna-asheriya;
Belief in Qur'an and Traditions (Ahadith);
What if one changes the meaning of Qur'an or Hadith? How to interpret Qur'an?
Books of Traditions;
Books of Sheriat;
Changing laws to sweet modern life
Why Ali should be accepted as First Caliph ?
Is the question of Khilafat the cause of your break-up ?
Do you believe in 'Miraaj' ?
5-time prayer and other acts of worship;
Duties of Shia towards God and various groups of human beings ?
Qualifications of Imam and other office-bearers of Islamic state ?
Islamic Penal-Code;
Special Days of the year ?;
Marriage and inheritance;
Do you allow other Muslims to pray in your mosques ?
How the relationship between different sects of Islam can be Improved ?
4. Dhikiri to Rizvi
5. Rizvi to Dhikiri
6. Dhikiri to Rizvi
7. Rizvi to Dhikiri
8. Dhikiri to Rizvi
9. Rizvi to Dhikiri
Genealogy of the Holy Prophet;
Can we add into Sheriat ?
For 'Pork' and Epilepsy refer to our books on those subjects;
Sects of Islam (see Appendix 'B').
10.Rizvi to Dhikiri
11. Dhikiri to Rizvi
12.Rizvi to Dhikiri
13.Dhikiri to Rizvi
14.Rizvi to Dhikiri
15.Dhikiri to Rizvi
16.Rizvi to Dhikiri (Covering letter inviting him to become Shia);
When a child is considered illegitimate ?
Can an illegitimate child be made legitimate ?
Child born of a Pre-marital intercourse ?
Is illegitimate child put to death ?
Was Imam Husain buried in Gold ?
Why 'Idda' when medical test may determine whether the woman is pregnant or
not ?
How do the Shias observe mourning for a dead person ? What are the funeral rites?
How to send Thawab' to a dead person ?
What about Houris in Paradise ?
What do Qur'an and Hadith say about moon-landing ?
Why follow an Arabic religion ?
Are all religions true and from God ?
Should we use the Qur'an for witch-craft ?
"Thought For the Week" (Islam: a Universal Religion).
17.Dhikiri to Rizvi
18.Dhikiri to Rizvi
19.Dhikiri to Rizvi (Accepting Shia Faith)
Is there any 'Baptism' to become Shia ?;
Should I continue praying in Sunni congregation ?
How can I gain knowledge of Shia religion ?
How can I help in spreading Shia faith in the world ?
20.Rizvi to Dhikiri (answers to the above questons)
21.Dhikiri to Rizvi
22.Rizvi to Dhikiri
23.Dhikiri to Rizvi
24.Dhikiri to Rizvi
25.Rizvi to Dhikiri
Arabic language;
Can a Muslim entertain himself with music?
What about the belief in Salvation through crucifixion?
Is it correct that man dies because of the sin of Adam?
Did our Holy Prophet preach to the Jinns?
The rules of slaughtering various animals;
Dua of Aquiqua;
Dua of sacrifice on Eidul-Adhha day;
Rules of hunting.
26.Dhikiri to Rizvi
27.Dhikiri to Rizvi
28.Rizvi to Dhikiri
Do the scientists recognize the need of a Supreme Designer?
Pascal's Bet;
How have the other sects failed in fulfilling the necessary requirements of Religion?
How do the Qadariyyas share with God in Legislating the Shariat ?
What are the ten Intellects of Greek Philosophy?
How "Rahim" can be used for other than Allah?
How can the belief in one God create brotherhood ?
How to purify oneself after eating a forbidden thing?
29.Rizvi to Dhikiri
Why Satan disobeyed Allah, when he was one of the angels?
If prophets are sinless, then why should we pray for our Holy Prophet?
Why differences in rules of prayers?
Why do the Sunnis allow the music?
30.Dhikiri to Rizvi
31.Rizvi to Dhikiri
32.Rizvi to Dhikiri
What was the ' Mahr ' of Bibi Khadija ?
Black Stone's history, what is inside it?
Why the ancestors of the Holy Prophet did not forbid the idol-worship in Mecca?
Was Abu Talib a Muslim?
The Spreading of saliva on Abu Talib after his death
What was the reason behind Usama's expedition?
What sort of treatment is allowed to a sick Muslim?
Is African medicine allowed?
Is 'Bao' or 'Ramli' allowed?
Is it true that only Seyyids can lead in congregational prayer?
How can a non-Seyyid become a Seyyid?
Why Jinns are kept Invisible?
Can 'Ghaib' be explored?
What is the meaning of Arabic word 'Al'?
Do all things have Soul?
If not, then how will all things give evidence against us on the day of Quiyamat ?
33.Rizvi to Dhikiri
About Zakatul-Fitrah;
What is meant by "poor of his faith" ?;
Time of Asr and Isha prayers;
Cleansing by leaves;
Can a woman in Haidh or Nifas fast ?;
Number of days in Islamic months.
34.Rizvi to Dhikiri
Maintanace of farther-in-law and mother-in-law;
Are daughters better than sons?
Remaining unmarried for a long time;
Rights of a foster mother;
why not use a mothers’s surname?
Were women ever sent as prophets?
Appendix 'A': Origin of Shi'ism :
Origin of Islam is the origin of Shi'ism; Declaration at the feast of the Relatives;
Declaration at Khum; Name 'Shia' was selected by the Holy Prophet.
Appendix 'B': Sects of Islam :
Agreed Principles; Differences; Person of God; Can Allah be seen ? Attributes of
Allah; Place of Reason in Religion; Lutf (Grace); God's Promises; Why Believe in
God ? Limit of Law; Our Actions; Taqdeer; Prophethood; Sinlessness; The
Prophets; Imams.
Appendix 'C :
Space Travel
Appendix 'D':
I followed the Light of Allah (By Dhikiri O. M. Kiondo)

Vol 3 pdf download 

 1. Who does Islam belong to?
2. Shias in West and Central Africa
3. Why are Shias in Minority
4. Allah is One
5. Where is God?
6. Why plural pronouns for Allah?
7. Who came first?
8. Any other Adam?
9. Wings of the Angels
10.Jinn and Satan
11. Triple Darkness
12.Grades of the prophet
13.Sinlessness of the prophets
14.Was Isa (a.s) Born 25 th December?
15.Religious Guide before our Holy prophet
16.The first Ayat revelead
17.Is ‘Bismillah’ word of Allah
18.Light of Allah
19.The Mother of the holy prophet
20.Moon is Cleft asunder
21.Total number of ahlul-bait
22.Distinction of ‘Panjetan’
23.Who is Imam-e-mubeen?
24.Income of 14 masumeen
25.Reliability of dua
26.Our Imams were arabs
27.Why should Jesus follow Imam Mahdi?
28.Who are Gog and Magog?
29.Mujtahids soon after ‘Ghaibat’
30.Changing the Taqleed
31.Why difference between Mujtahids?
32.Ijtihad and Taqleed
33.Calibre of Ijihad
34.How to reform Islamic world?
35.Friendship with enemies of Islam
36.Is Middle East war a jihad
37.Can ladies and gents sit together in Religious Social gathering
38.Dress of the lady-teacher
39.‘Purdah’ creates Rickets?
40.Age-limit for ‘Purdah’
41.Vaginal examination by a doctor
42.Separation of boys and girls a problem
43.Mixing of girls with boys
44.Higher education for girls
45.Right of women concerning marriage
46.Marriage of a Sayyid girl with non-Sayyid
47.Slaughtering chickens during wedding
48.Should one wait for a good wife?
49.Difference between ‘nikah’ and ‘mut’ah’
50.Is Mut’ah forbidden?
51.Mut’ah, Adultery, and maintenance of wife
52.How to release sexual tension
53.Why masturbation is not allowed?
54.How to get rid of the habit of masturbation?
55.Divorce during monthly- course
56.Is Singing Haram?
57.Hadith about Music
58.Why do you forbid good things of life?
59.Going to Cinema
60.What about Silent movies?
61.The film “pilgrimage to Mecca’’
62.Can we watch television?
63.Wasting of time
64.Is Islam a barbaric religion?
67.Taking photo of a ghair-mahram
68.Amputation of a thief’s hand
69.Political prisoners
70.Is magic allowed?
71.Following magician’s advice
72.What about palmistry, istikhara, ‘Saad’and ‘Nahas” dates and Qamar Dar Aqrab
73.Taking out blood
74.Is “Euthanasia’’ allowed?
75.Mercy killing?
76.Deformed babies
77.A patient kept alive by artificial equipments
78.Cannibalism in South America
79.Animal slaughtered by a Jew
80.If meat becomes Najis
81.Bake-N-Take shops
82.Which fish are halal?
83.Fish bought from a non-muslim
84.Tinned meat
85.Fat of sheep and Oxen
86.Which birds are halal?
87.Working for a brewery
88.Making labels for breweries
89.Making trays for barman
90.Is ‘Marungi’ Haram?
91.Narcotic drugs
92.Is Yeast Halal?
93.Pickles made by non-muslim
94.Is cheese Haram?
95.Donating blood
96.How to secure happiness?
98.Mourning for martyrs of Karbala
99.Beating the chest
100.Kissing the ‘shabih’
101.Pigeons on the ‘shabih’
102.Mourning and chances of ‘shifa’at’
103.Majlis in the wrong place
104.Purpose of nazr
106.Who can sit on ‘Minber’
107.A ‘Zakir’ who tells lies
108.Was Bibi Zainab excessively distressed on the Eve of Ashura
109.When did Hur join Imam Husain (a.s)?
110.Was Imam martyred when praying?
111.Did Imam offer to do Bai’at of Yazid
112.Did Imam get water?
113.Where were the bodies of martyrs?
114.When were the sons of muslim martyred?
115.Meaning of ‘Wawailah’
116.Majlises delayed for later Dates
117.Direction for Ziyarat
Vol 4 pdf download   -word file Vol 4

1. Is Science Action of God?
2. If Allah is Adil, Why did he create Shaitan?
3. Was Satan An Angel?
4. Are there some people created for Hell (Jahannam)?
5. Why difference of Religions
6. Choiceless Awareness?
7. How Human Race Began?
8. Were Luqman and some others Imams?
9. Sons of Nabii Ibrahim (a.s.)
10.About Nabi Musa (a.s.)
11. Parents of Hadhrat Maryam
12.Did Isa (a.s.) marry
13.A Prophet eaten by an animal?
14.Was the Holy Prophat illiterate?
15.Marriages of the Holy Prophet?
16.Authority of the Holy Prophet and the Imams?
17.Why Ali did not fight for Khilafat?
18.About those who went against Ali (a.s.)
19.Comment on a forged Hadith
20.Why Imam Husain (a.s.) did not resort to Taqiyyah?
21.Re-appearence of Imam Mahdi (a.s.)
22.About Imam Mahdi (a.s.)
23.Wives of Ali (a.s.)
24.Was Bibi Shahr Bano alive on Ashura Day?
25.Was Fatimah Kubra in fact married to Qasim ibnul Hassan in Karbala?
26.Progeny of Hadhrat Abbas
27.Differences in Meccan and madinite Suras
28.How many 'Ayat in Qur'an?
29.Islam and Science subjects
30.Tafsir of first four 'Ayat of An-Najm
31.Sura 'Asr
32.Meaning of
33.Tafsir of Pearl and Coral'
34.Meaning of an 'Aya
35.How the night passes into day?
36.Why the Qur'anic order to kill the pagans?
37.Authentic Shi'a translation of Qur'an
38.Authentic Shi'a books of Ahadith
39.Difference between Dirty and Najis
40.Use of toilet paper
41.Characteristic features of semen
42.Moisture secreted from women
43.Vaginal Checking
44.Are perfumes, lotions etc. Tahir
45.Rulings on Industrial Alcohol
46.Medicines containing alcoho l
47.Skull of a man
48.Dog as a Pet
49.Prayer in a cloth washed by a non-Muslim?
50.Oily Skin
51.Plastic surgery and Wudu
52.Wudu on nail polish
53.Long hair of boys
54.How to calculate times of Prayers?
55.How to find Direction of Qibla?
56.Qibla on moon?
57.Why use of gold is forbidden for man?
58.Is Iqamah Wajib?
59.Prayer in front of a photograph
60.Why Ka'bah is called the House of Allah?
61.Prostration before other than Allah
62.Reading Qur’an without understanding
63.Seven Takbirs
64.Position of hands for women during Prayers
65.Adil Imam not easily available
66.How to organize a Jamaat without a qualified Imam?
67.Can a prayer be led by a tape recorder
68.Minimum number of people for Juma’h Prayer?
69.Are women exempted from jum’ah prayer?
70.Why do we offer two prayers one soon after the other?
71.Prayer of a man who ate ‘Najis’ food
72.How to thank Allah?
73.Meaning of some Arabic phrases
74.Color of Shroud (Kafan)
75.Kafan Imported from Karbala
76.One Kaffan and two Mayyits
77.Why pour water on grave?
78.Cemented Grave
79.Is Fateha Khwani an Islamic custom
80.Brushing the teeth in Saum
81.Sunnah fast and invitation of a Mu’min
82.Future of fasting
83.Does Injection break fast?
84.About Zakah
85.Zakah in agricultural produce
86.Zakah on trade goods
87.Halal and haram earning mixed
88.What is the minimum amount of Mahr?
89.Can a Muslim marry Non-Muslim?
90.Muslim husband Christian wife
91.On Birth control
92.A child born of artificial insemination
93.Is Breast-feeding wajib?
94.How can a woman get her marriage dissolved?
95.Adultery of eyes
96.Using hair-dye
97.Limit of the beard?
98.Is interest a compensation of inflation
99.Interest and non muslims
100.Borrowing from bank
101.Unforgivable sins
102.Desirability of an Arabic Muslim name
103.Reading Novels
104.References of Qadiani belief
105.Why do muslims observe Friday as rest day?
Vol 5 pdf download   | Word file Vol 5

1. Are we Self-existing or Created?
2. Is there any purpose to our creation?
3. What is Purpose of our Creation?
4. Our Responsibility?
5. How to Find The True Guidance
6. What Is Islam?
7. Muslim Sects
8. Why are you Called Shi'a?
9. "Ithna-'Ashariya": What Does it Mean?
10.Who can become a Shi'a Ithna-'ashariya?
11. Main features of Islam
12.Roots of Religion
13.Oneness of God
14.More about Oneness of God
15.Respect for the name of Allah
16.Significance of ‘Adl
17.Man’s free will
18.Meaning of Nubuwwat
19.Number of Prophets
20.How many Ulul-'Azm?
21.The relation between Nabi (prophet) and Rasul (Messenger)
22.Why the Qur'an does not call The Holy Prophet as Al-Amin
23.Some special Obligations and Privileges of The holy Prophet
24.The Book Revealed to Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.A.)
25.Shi'a Belief About Qur'an
26.Significance of the Surah AI-Kauthar
27.System of Guidance after The Prophet
28.Who are The Family Members of The Prophet
29.What Does Imamat Mean?
30.Number of Imams
31.The Twelve Imams
32.Why Sunni Scholars, in Spite of Narrating Hadith of Ghadeer, Do not Accept 'Ali
(a.s.) as First Khalifah
33.Did 'Ali (a.s.) Accept Abu Bakr as Rightful Khalifah?
34.The Present Imam
35.Some more about the Present Imam
36.He Who Dies Without Knowing the Imam of His Time
37.Who Will Kill Dajjal?.
38.Raj'at (Return)
39.Day of Judgement
40.Who Were Followers of Nabii Dawood?
41.Importance of Good Morality
42.Some Characteristics Considered Good in Islamic Ethics
43.Some of the forbidden things
44.What are the branches of religion
45.On which Things Sajdah is allowed?
46.About 'Qasr' Prayer
47.Demolishing Old Masjid to Build a New One
48.Prayer Behind a Sunni Imam
49.I am Not Welcome at Sunni Mosques
50.If a Wife Doesn't Pray
51.Funeral Prayer for a Non-Practising Shi'a
52.If a Muslim Dies in Unbelievers' Country
53.Dolls Kept in a Room
54.Zakat Money
55.About Sahm-e-l mam
56.Philosophy of Jihad
57.Was Islam Spread By Sword
58.Purpose of Imam Husayn's Martyrdom
59.Demonstration at Mecca
60.More on Demonstration at Mecca
61.Should we propagate sectarian beliefs when Iran Advocates Islamic Unity
62.Shi'a Collections of Ahadith
63.Test of Authenticity of Hadith
64.About Abu Hurayrah
65.On Interest
66.Interest from National Bank of Commerce, Tanzania
67.Wife went Back to Christianity.
68.Rights of a Kafir mother
69.Rights of a muslim sister married to a Christian
70.Can a Kafir inherit from a Muslim
71.Division of a deceased woman’s assets
72.Division of an Estate
73.Membership of a Sunni-Run Institution
74.Abandoned golf balls and tees
75.Shaving hair on hands and feet
76.About barnabas and Gospel
77.Is marriage Certificate essential for validity of a marriage?
78.Marrying with uncle’s daughter
79.Is Vasectomy allowed?
80.Redress for a woman neglected by her husband
81.Birth control devices and rules of ‘Iddah
82.Can a woman in ‘Iddah go for shopping
83.Can a muslim woman marry a non-Muslim?
84.About Mutah
85.The rule of three divorces and the Mutah marriage
86.Some ceremonies at Marriage time
87.Is Vanney allowed?
88.Purdah during marriage ceremonies
89.Hijab rules and looking at a woman or man
90.Looking at women not observing Hijab
91.Hijab before Male servants
92.About Music
93.Why music is not forbidden by name in The Quran
94.Women singing at marriage ceremonies
95.Music in marthiya
96.Watching TV programmes
97.Song for Islamic Propagation
98.Want to know more about Islam
99.Books written by you.
Vol 6 pdf download

1. How to deal with Atheists /Agnostics
2. My Teacher (a Christian) says
3. Allah and Khuda
4. To Overcome Depression
5. Shi'a Belief about Qur'an
6. The Beacon of the Qur'an
7. The Aim of Creation
8. Begging from Allah
9. The Tablet and the Pen
10.Why do you write d for
11. About the Bohoras
12.The Mother of the 12th Imam (A.S)
13.Concerning the Above question
14.Did the Special Deputies See the Imam
15.Reports of people meeting lmam-e-Zaman
16.Bending our heads
17.Significance of the word "Imam"
18.Is Ijtihad Undesirable?
19.Is Taqleed Wajib?
20.Selection of an Alam
21.Mothers of Awn and Muhammad
22.Children of Amiru i-Mu'mineen
23.False Claimants of Prophethood
24.Burial-Place of Imam Husayn's head
25.When Did Islam reach Zanzibar?
26.About Bilal Muslim Mission
27.Islamic Activities in Tanzania
28.Islamic Cure for Aids
29.Root-cause of Children's Indiscipline
30.Love – Letters
31.Non-alcoholic Beer!!
32.Selling Liquor in Obedience of Parents
33.Marriage with sister-in-law
34.Music at Jamaat's Musafirkhana
35.'Aaq of Parents
36.Child of Mut'ah Marriage
37.Executor of will
38.Validity of a certain will
39.About Suspicion and Accusation
40.Jama'at's Meeting at Husayniyah
41.Using Obscene Language
42.Helping Sunni's Projects
43.Sadaqa and General Welfare
44.Categories of Heirs and their Shares
45.Does a Grandchild Inherit in presence of son or daughter
46.Distribution of a deceased's Estate
47.Concerning the Above
48.Protection of Minor's Shares
49.Expenses concerning the Minor's Shares
50.Taxes Recognised in Shi'a Shari'at
51.Any Other Income or Wealth Tax
52.Customs Duty and Sales Tax
53.Avoiding Income Tax and Customs Duty
54.Stealing from banks or shops
55.Selling a worn-out Freezer
56.Concerning a Disused Cemetery
57.On Various Hair-do's
58.Unable to use water
59.Wudhu after Ghusl-e-Janabat
60.How the Prophet (S.A.W) Prayed
61.Salaam and Dhikr ln Prayer
62.Concerning the above in congregation
63.Praying behind a Woman
64.Praying in a Sunni Mosque
65.Why 3 times Prayers?
66.Perfume in Prayers
67.The first Masjid the Prophet (SAW) built
68.Shahadatayn in Funeral Procession
69.Who Introduced the Washing of the Feet in Wudhu
70.Reciting Surah without Bismillah
71.Can we Drop Bismillah in Qur'an khwani?
72.Folding the hands in Prayers
73.Saying "Ameen" in Prayer
74.We say, Kadhalikallahu Rabbi
75.Sajdah on Woollen Carpets
76.Turning head right and left in Prayer
77.On Salaam and Tashahhud
78.Some people say in Salawat
79.How Adhan was instituted?
80.Changes in Adhan
81.Bid'ah of Taraweeh
82.Special Nawafil for Ramadan
83.Declaration of New Moon
84.Ihram by Nadhr
85.Did the Prophet (S.A W) perform Tawafun- Nisa'?
86.Ahadith about Tawafun-Nisa'
87.Why is Tawafun-Nisa' wajib but not a Rukn?
88.What if a Sunni does not perform Tawafun-Nisa
89.In which things Zakat and Khumus is wajib?
90.One has never paid Khumus
91.Accounting of Khumus on a certain Saving
92.Is Mut'ah legalised Prostitution?
93.Condom and Ghusl-e-Janabat
94.Certain Sunni School of Jurisprudence Permits Homosexuality
95.Polygamy vs. Polyandry
96.Divorce and Its Revocation
97.Abortion After Rape?
98.On Atheists
99.Support For Oppressed Muslims
100.Freedom of Choice vs. Death Penalty for Apostate
101.Betting on Horse
102.Playing Chess
103.Octopus and Shrimp
104.Fish Dead in Net
105.Fish without Scale
106.Burning a Muslim Mayyit
107.Qur' anic Injunction and Punishment by Burning
108.Tafsir of Qur'an, 33:34
109.Tafsir of Qur'an, 24:3
110.Tafsir of Qur'an, 20:102
111.Talking with a Dead Person
112.On the Book "Husain, the Saviour of Islam"
113.On Tafsir Al-Mizan
114.On Black and white Turbans
115.Want to Wear Black Turban
116.About Black Shoes
117.About Some Maraji'-e-Taqleed
118.Eating chuna


Vol 7 pdf download  |Word file Vol 7- 

. On nature and God
2. Can Allah make Himself Visible?
3. Inherent good and Evil
4. Islamic view on Predestination
5. Why Hindistic Belief?
6. The Light of The Prophet
7. Which Shari'ah The Prophet followed before Bithah?
8. Did The Prophet know how to read & write?
9. Some Especial rules for The Prophet
10.Tafsir of Qur'an 22:52
11.On Tafsirs of Qur'an
12.Contradiction in The Qur'an?
13.Qur'an: Protected from Tahrif
14.Has any Contemporary person met The Imam (a.s.)?
15.Why 'Ali's name is not mentioned in Qur'an?
16.Sunni references of a Hadith
17.Is Imamate Superior than Prophethood?
18.On Shi'a Tradition's Preservation
19.Dhul-Fiqar & Call from Jibra'il
20.Nafs Zakiyyah and Al-Qa'im
21.Laylatul-Qadr and Imam-e-Zaman
22.Homes of 313 supporters of Imam Mahdi (a.s.)
23.Are Mahdi and 'Isa One & the Same
24.Why such detailed Masa'il in Fiqh?
25.Difference Between An 'Alim and a Mujtahid
26.Why Differences Between Mujtahids?
27.Taqleed of A living Mujtahid
28.Some Indian Mujtahids
29.Why Particular System of slaughtering Animals?
30.Rights of Animal in Islam
31.Haram Music?
32.Definition of Music
33.Why Jihad in a Religion of Peace?
34.Why Internecine Strifes Between Followers of Islam?
35.How to Unify Various Sects?
36.How did Muslims Compartmentalize Islam?
37.What is The Path of Spiritual Journey?
38.Spiritual Development of Society
39.How to counter Anti-Islamic Propaganda?
40.Charter of Rights
41.Conditions for Cutting A Thief s Hand
42.Conditions and Punishment of Apostacy
43.Some Items of Sea-Food
44.Leadership of Jama'at
45.Donation by A Non-Muslim
46.Is Shaving Beard Haram?
47.Is Playing Card Lawful?
48.Is Smoking Haram?
49.Is Recital of Shahadatayn Necessary for entering into Shi'ism?
50.Minimum Hijab
51.Mixed Gathering
52.Looking At Face of A Ghayr-Mahram Mayyit
53.Why Different Punishment for Women?
54.Muslim Husband, Christian Wife
55.Mut'ah with A Christian Woman
56.Artificial Insemination of Human Beings
57.Is Surrogate Mother Allowed In Islam?
58.Couple's Fertilized Ovum Implanted in A Surrogate Mother
59.A Non-Muslim in A Mas|id/lmambara
60.Ladies To Supervise Children's Procession
61.Why We Do Not Wash Feel in Wudhu ?
62.Taking Help In Wudhu
64.Did The Prophet Recite Salawat In Tashahud?
65.The Basis of our Prayer's method
66.How to stand in Jama'at Prayer
67.'Amamah & 'Aba in Prayers
68.BiHawlillah..., Loudly or in Whisper?
69.Clay of Karbala and Cure of Illness
70.Friday Prayers
71.Shi'a Imam & Maliki Conregation
72.Praying Furada when Jama'at is in Progress
73.Two Adhans before Friday Prayer?
74.Why do we keep our Hands open in Prayers?
75.Tarawih And Nawafil of Ramadan
76.Forbidden Months
77.On Human Bomb
78.Emancipation of Ummu-Walad
79.Why Khumus Sahm-e-Sadat?
80.Khumus on A Purchased Godown
81.House Bought but given on Rent
82.Accounting of Khumus
83.Gifting Excess Money to Avoid Khumus
84.Nationalised Houses
85.Need of House and Obligation of Hajj
86.25 th Dhul-Qa'dah
87.Was 'A'ishah Muslimah Before Her Marriage?
88.Where and when did 'A'ishah Die?
89.About Salman Al-Farsi (r.a.)
90.Strength of Yazid's Army in Karbala
91.Enemies killed By Imam Husayn (a.s.)
92.How Many Wounds on Imam's Body?
93.About Captives of Ahlul-Bayt
94.Adam and Iblis
95.Iblis & Satan
96.Can A Great-grandchild inherit with a Grandchild?

Why Pray In Arabic

Allamah Syed Saeed Akhtar Rizvi – a personality remembered

Rabi’ al Thanni marks the death anniversary of Allamah Syed Saeed Akhtar Rizvi, an extraordinary individual whose tabligh and missionary work has left a legacy that will not be forgotten.

Born on 05 January 1927 in Bihar India, Allamah Rizvi followed four generations of Ulama of his family. 

After completing his studies, working as a resident ‘alim and teaching in India, Allamah went to East Africa at the age of 32 as a resident alim under Africa Federation.  He was initially posted in Dar-es-Salaam, before being transferred to Lindi. 

A teacher
As a teacher, his concern for the youth was evident through his sincerity and guidance.  He was known to be a firm teacher but one who always wanted his students to succeed. It was due to his efforts and encouragement that several students from Gopalpur achieved university and postgraduate degrees.   

A Visionary Missionary
Allamah Rizvi’s quest for tabligh could be seen in him from his teens.  His dream of doing tabligh in Africa came true with support from the community leaders in Tanzania followed by the formation of the Bilal Muslim Mission.  Allamah took formal classes to learn Swahili in order to effectively reach out to the African people.   

As a result of these efforts, tens of thousands of Africans have accepted the Shi’a faith.  In addition the mission's activities have spread to Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Europe and USA through education, publication, and correspondence. 

Mulla Asgharali M.M. Jaffer had written: ‘As these novel ideas suffered the pangs of labour, a young ‘Ălim from India set his feet on land in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. With an analytic bent and genius, vast knowledge and readiness to meet with the new challenges, this young ‘Ălim was destined to set the wheels of change moving. He was Maulana Syed Saeed Akhtar Rizvi. Whether he himself was aware of the new directions to which the Shi‘a Ithnă-‘ashari Community of Eastern Africa was being led by his efforts, and whether his efforts were intentional and thus motivated, is difficult to ascertain. But that his arrival heralded a new era in the Shi‘ite Society of East Africa is indisputable.’

A writer
Allamah had written about 125 books from 1949 to 2002, ranging on topics from theology, comparative religions, laws, ethics, history, tafsir and Hadith, and poetry.  Among the literature, 85 are in English, 32 are in Urdu, 12 in Arabic and 17 in Kishwahili.  Some of his books have been translated in 22 languages including Japanese, Gujarati, Indonesian, and Thai to name a few. 

Allamah’s book titled ‘Imamate: A Vicegerency of the Prophet’ has been published and distributed many times by the World Organisation for Islamic Services.  Several American Shia’s have been inspired by this book. 

A social worker
Among Allamah Rizvi’s role as an alim, teacher, scholar and writer, he also had a passion for social work.  He worked tirelessly to improve the well being of the community in the areas of education, housing, health, water wells, eye camps and building of mosques.  


The work of Allamah Syed Saeed Akhtar Rizvi has reached the lives of thousands of people and will continue to do so in the years to come.  He is truly an inspiration to us all. 

Allamah’s son, Maulana Muhammad Rizvi, who is resident alim of Toronto jamaat said: ‘If I was asked to summarize the life of my father, ‘Allămah Sayyid Saeed Akthar Rizvi (may Allăh elevate his status), in the Qur’ănic terms, then I would say that he was a true embodiment of the success mentioned in surah al-Asr: “I swear by the time, verily the human being is surely in loss except those who believe, do good deeds, and counsel one another for the truth and counsel one another about patience.”


books in mobile formats

Your Questions Answered - Volume 1
Your Questions Answered - Volume 2
Allamah Sayyid Sa'eed Akhtar Rizvi Allamah Sayyid Sa'eed Akhtar Rizvi
EPUB (iPad, iPhone, Android) EPUB (iPad, iPhone, Android)
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The 1st edition of this book proved very popular & all copies were sold out in record time. Ayt Seyyid Mohammad Mahdi Shirazi, Mujtahid, and other scholars highly appreciated the book.

We hopes that this booklet will be received as enthusiastically as the 1st vol. The reader will be interested to note the gradual development of Mr. Dhikiri's demonstrating how he came nearer & found true happiness & peace.

Your Questions Answered - Volume 3 Your Questions Answered - Volume 4
Allamah Sayyid Sa'eed Akhtar Rizvi Allamah Sayyid Sa'eed Akhtar Rizvi
EPUB (iPad, iPhone, Android) EPUB (iPad, iPhone, Android)
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PDF (Windows/PC) PDF (Windows/PC)

This is the 3rd volume in this series contains answers to questions asked from January, 1972 to March, 1975. These questions cover a wide range of burning topics of modern times.

The 4th volume in this series contains answers to 105 questions, most of which were asked during the period April 1975 to June, 1978.

Your Questions Answered - Volume 5 Your Questions Answered - Volume 6
Allamah Sayyid Sa'eed Akhtar Rizvi Allamah Sayyid Sa'eed Akhtar Rizvi
EPUB (iPad, iPhone, Android) EPUB (iPad, iPhone, Android)
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The questions came from Tanzania, Kenya, U.K. Germany, Poland, as well as from Canada, U.S.A., Guyana, Tobago and Trinidad; Overwhelming majority of the correspondents was Shi'a; but there were also Sunnis and Hindus.

With humility I offer my thanks to Allah that He gave me the chance to compile this sixth volume of the series, Your Questions Answered. This book contains replies to 118 questions received between October 1990 and December, 1994, 

Your Questions Answered - Volume 7
Allamah Sayyid Sa'eed Akhtar Rizvi
EPUB (iPad, iPhone, Android)
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I am thankful to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala to give me time and strength to compile this 7th volume of this series. It contains replies to 96 questions which were asked between January, 1995 and April, 1998.