Najasat & Taharat of Ahlul Kitab

A list of some of the Mara'ja and their opinions on theTahaarat/Najaasat of non-Muslims. This list is not complete - there are many other Maraa'ja however we could not find their references  

- Ayatullah Khamene'i - Ahlul Kitaab are Taahir.

- Ayatullah Fadhil Lankarani - Ahlul Kitab are Taahir.

- Ayatullah Makarim Shirazi - Ahlul Kitab are Taahir.

- Ayatullah Sayyid Seestani - Ahlul kitab are Taahir.

- Ayatullah Behjat - Not in his Risaalah.

- Ayatullah Wahid Khurasaani - Ahlul Kitaab are Taahir - although according to RECOMMENDED PRECAUTION, one should consider them Najis.

- Ayatullah Mazaaheri - Not in his Risaalah.

- Ayatullah Tabrizi - Ahlul Kitaab are Tahir.

- Ayatullah Saafi Gulpaygani - Ihtiyaat Wajib, Ahlul Kitab are Najis(however as he had told me personally that since we deal with them inthe West, we may consider them as Tahir but to have minimal contact withthem as much as needed).

- Ayatullah Zanjani - According to Ihtiyaat Waajib, Ahlul Kitab are Najis.

- Ayatullah Al-Khoei - Ihtiyaat Waajib, Ahlul Kitab are Najis. This is from an old version of his Risaalah - his ruling may have changed before death.  Allahualim.

- Ayatullah Yusuf Saani - Not in his Risaalah, but he does state, "TheKaafir (disbeliever) is one who denies Allah or sets up partners with Allah or does not accept the prophethood of Muhammad ibne Abdullah(peace be upon him and his family) or has doubt in one of these - these are all antipathetic* disbelievers and are Najis. However as for thosenon-Antipathetic disbelievers (sympathetic or non-Hostile disbelievers), these make up the general population of disbelievers and they are not impure (Najis).  Rather, the non-antipathetic disbelievers, even those who are waging war (against Islam and the Muslims) but are not wagingwar upon them due to Islam or the beliefs of the Muslims, but rather for other reasons, they are not classified as antipathetic disbelievers and thus are not categorized as being impure (Najis).

* for lack of a better word, however its definition is:
a.. Having or showing a strong aversion or repugnance: antipathetic to new ideas.
a.. Opposed in nature or character; antagonistic: antipathetic factions within the party.

Saleem Bhimji