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SHEIKH   SUDOOQ  Shrine Pictures ( Ray Near Shah Abdul Azim Shrine) Ibn Babawiyah

Death and Place of Burial /Miracle of preserved Body

(From the introduction of Maani al-Akhbaar) Shaykh Sadooq (q.s.) passed away in the year 381 A.H. He was aged seventy and odd years at that time. His magnificent tomb is built near the mausoleum of Abdul Azeem Hasani in the Rayy province. Many people visit the place seeking blessings and paying respects. This mausoleum was first built by Fath Ali Shah Qachar in 1238 A.H. This was after the well known miracle that convinced the king, the queen and the courtiers. The details of this incident are mentioned in Raudhat of Khwansari, Qisasul Ulama of Tankabani, Tanqihul Maqaal of Mamaqani and Muntakhib at-Tawarikh of Khorasani.

Khwansari says: Among his miracles is one that was seen in the present age and which a large number of people with perception themselves witnessed and which people from far away places also saw is that the Shaykhs tomb which is situated in Rayy was damaged with heavy rains as a result of which there developed a crack. When renovation began and the gap was examined closely it was found that it led to an underground chamber in which the last remains of the Shaykh were placed. In this chamber, people saw an elegant dead body which was half covered but the private parts were not exposed. It was a huge body and the nails showed henna coloration and around the body lay twisted dusty threads of the shroud cloth. This news spread all over the city of Tehran and even reached Fath Ali Shah Qachar who was the great grandfather of Nasiruddin Shah. This happened around 1238 A.H. So the King, with perfectly good faith, decided to see for himself and he reached the tomb with an entourage of courtiers. Since the officers advised that King himself does not enter the burial chamber, he deputed some reliable persons to go down and report the facts to him. At last, the truth of the miracle was confirmed for him and he finally ordered that the crack be filled and the tomb be renovated in the most magnificent way. I myself have heard about this incident from an eyewitness and some of our senior scholars have mentioned this event in their books.
Mamqani has quoted this incident from the personification of justice and truth, Sayyid Ibrahim Lawasani Tehraniís Tanqihul Maqaal.

Those wishing to visit the shrine need to ask for Ibne Babawiyah at the time of visiting Shah Abdul Azeem shrine near Tehran ,to get directions for a 10 minute drive from it.


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