The Origin of Shi'te Islam and It's Principles

Muhammad Husayn Al-Kashifi 'l-Ghita' 

Table of Contens


The Origins of the Shi'ahs

The Fundamentals of the Religion

The Shi'ah-The Divine Code of Living

Fiqh (Jurisprudence)

1. Salat (prayer)

2. Sawm (Fasting)

3. Zakat (Taxation)

4. Khums

5. Hajj

6. Jihad

7. Amr Bi 'l-ma 'Ruf and Nahy 'ani 'l-munkar (The enjoining of good and the prevention of evil)

8. Mu'amalat (Mutual Dealings)

8. (a) The Marriage Agreement

8 (b) Talaq (Divorce)

9. Inheritance

10. Endowments (waqf); Gifts (nibah) and Charities (sadaqah):

11. Passing Judgement (qadawah)

12. Slaughtering and Hunting

13. The Nature of Foodstuffs

14. Penology (hudud)

Allegations Against the Shi'a

The Problem of Bada'

Taqiyah Endnotes