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This Diniyat Course Book  is compiled by Diniyat Classes Muscat to suit its requirements 

The following courses were utilized to compile this Course Book.  We are thankful to all those who have compiled these individual courses 

-          SIM (

-          Hujjat Workshop

-          Talimat-e-Ahle Bait

-          Imamia Diniyat (Pakistan)

-          Ahkam-ul-Islam

-          Amozish-e-Deen (A. Ibrahim Amini)

-          Others 

We are also thankful to all those who have helped us in compiling as well as cross checking various sections of the course 



While due care has been observed in  compilation of this Course Book, and the same was cross checked by various people according to their skills/expertise/knowledge, the Diniyat Classes Muscat does not take any responsibility for any error which may still exist.  All those who teach from this Course Book are requested to cross check the content with authentic books 

We also feel our duty to inform that while many course (such as the few mentioned above) were utilized in preparation of this Course Book, but since the content were modified as per our needs, the above mentioned course administrators and managements do not take any responsibility of the errors in this Course Book 

We acknowledge that the course is not perfect.  We are planning to revise it every year based on the feedback provided by you and our teachers, and it will take a few years before this course can be termed as perfect



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In 10 Age groups 00, 01 ,02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09,10

Each in  Aqaid ( AQA) Akhlaq (AKH) , History(HIS)  Fiqh ( FIQ)  - Index ( IND) Title(TTL)